Russians learn greed

Russians learn greed
: Greedy Russia says at Tass that Iraq has enough money to repay the debt Saddam built. But what else could they do with that money? Build a successful economy and democracy, perhaps? Oh, but remember: Iraq’s allies dont’ give a damn about Iraq. Russia acknowledges the possibility of debt restructuring — so this is all negotiation.

: Meanwhile, the Straits Times reports: “Oil-rich Iraq may be one of the world’s most indebted developing nations and the billions it owes must be cleared before its shattered economy can recover fully…. While no one is sure just how deep in the red the country is, estimates range up to US$200 billion.”

  • Sue Bob

    We should tell the Russians to bugger off. Losing the money is a fair price to pay for dealing with a wretch like Sadamm

  • what makes you think that YOU (i.e. the u.s., i guess?) decide about iraq’s debts? what a goddamn arrogance..