Madonna: This war is about me

Madonna: This war is about me
: Madonna joins the Tim Robbins/Janeane Garofalo self-centered celebrity club as she whines about criticism she got for producing (and then pulling) a video showing her throwing a grenade into the president’s lap:

“You know, it’s ironic we’re fighting for democracy in Iraq because we ultimately aren’t celebrating democracy here.

“Because anybody who has anything to say against the war or against the President is punished and that’s not democracy, it’s people being intolerant.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion, for or against and that’s what our constitutional rights are supposed to be – that we all have the freedom to express ourselves…”

Oh, you had the right to release the video. And your fans had the right to become your former fans. That’s democracy. Taht’s capitalism. That’s showbiz.