Seeing the world though dung-colored glasses

Seeing the world though dung-colored glasses
: The Guardian‘s daily update tries to make it look as if we’re losing. Getaloada the headline:

Small successes outweighed

Confusion, looting and tension about Syria overshadow the few achievements of this war

It’s bad when you can fisk a headline.

Well, let’s see. We took Tikrit, the last major city in Iraq. Saddam is in control of nothing. I would say that is the mark of victory.

Our POWs were free. Let’s say that again: Our POWs were free.

The buses are running again in Baghdad as even al-Jazeera admits that order is returning.

Syria is not answering our scolds with taunts; it is acting like a dog that’s under control.

And we have arranged a meeting of Iraqi leaders this week to start creating Iraq’s first democratic government.

And all that happened in the last 24 hours. Looks like a pretty damned good day to me.