Blog TV

Blog TV
: I got an email I’m sure many of you got announcing an effort to create a pilot for a blog TV show. They’re asking for submissions of video. If you’re interested, go here.

I sent the creators email trying to find out more about the venture. In their response:

We’ve corresponded with bloggers literally all over the world, just today from India and Holland. We expect to get some talking heads, some travelogue, some arty stuff, some rants. From kids in college to Linux journalists to moms to political pundits to photobloggers.

I wish them the best. I think it will be a challenge to bring together a show around the quite diverse world of bloggers: people who type; people who walk; people who talk; people who blog — they’re all have about as much in common.

I have some other thoughts on video and the future of bloggers. Later.