But enough about oppressed millions, let’s save Janeane!

But enough about oppressed millions, let’s save Janeane!
: Buzzflash finds a cause to get behind: The defense of Janeane Garolfalo’s sitcom career, pointing us to a manic “commentary” at Take Back The Media filled with unique stabs at antiwar humor:

…really, how can you be pro-war? You like them babies crispy, mouthbreather?


This is the Janeane fan club, eh? Or perhaps the Janeane Garofalo Anti-Defamation League. Or perhaps its Janeane Garofalo’s agent speaking:

Hateful WARBOTS attempt to boycott Janeane’s new show!

She’s unfairly targeted for being intelligent, witty, well read, informed, and too good looking….

So this means that WE, as intelligent, ALL American lovers of Peace must join forces and come to the aid of Janeane Garofalo. She laid it on the line for all of US and now we must “get her back” on this.

Nobody needs to bother to boycott Garofalo; her mediocre career will take care of itself.

And the next time you’re going to go looking for a Joan of Arc for your cause, try looking for someone who really is intelligent, witty, well-read, and doesn’t fall apart in an argument.