Who killed the journalists? Maybe not us

Who killed the journalists? Maybe not us
: The BBC’s defense correspondent, Andrew Gilligan, says in a radio interview that he doubts a U.S. tank fired the shot that killed two journalists in Baghdad’s Palestine Hotel; he thinks Iraqi soldiers launched the attack As the Guardian reports:

“I may be right in saying we’re hearing from central command that they’re starting to retract their apology for this incident,” Gilligan told Radio 5 Live’s drivetime show.

He added that after examining the scene he concluded it was virtually impossible for the US tank to have fired on the 15th floor room.

“I have to say I rather doubt it and, having been underneath it and looking up now just before it got dark at the hole again in the side of the hotel, I still doubt it.

“For a start the damage to the hotel is superficial, it’s only the masonry that’s been torn off in a very small area, a tank shell would have done more damage I feel.

“Secondly the angle that the tank would have to have reached to hit that roof, it would more or less have had to have shot just round the corner and I don’t think even the Americans have got those kinds of weapons.”…

“This might have been the responsibility of someone else, maybe some Saddam Fedayeen with a rocket-propelled grenade, who did not like the fact the Reuters guy was shooting footage from his balcony at the time of the attack.

“That is pure speculation. I just think there must still be some doubt over this area.”