David Bloom dead

David Bloom dead
: Shocking news: David Bloom, who was hands-down the best on TV in this war, who used technology and innovation to give us all a human understanding of the battlefield, died today.

There are no details so far on MSNBC’s site, only that his death was not combat related.

He leaves a wife and three young children and millions of Americans who are richer and better for his work.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

: On MSNBC, they now report that he suffered a pulmonary embolism.: A fuller story and obituary from MSNBC here.

: Note the comment that says an embolism can be caused by sitting for long periods and dehydration. More on embolisms here.

  • Tresho

    Embolism probably related to sitting for hours at a time with legs dangling (“economy class syndrome”) and dehydration. Wear your anti-embolism hose and drink plenty of water, guys.