Big Mac attack

Big Mac attack
: Some sick f bombed a McDonald’s in Beirut, hurting a child.

  • Nina Jaquess

    Please send me some link’s so I can find out how
    war is going from Iraqi’s side, all this propaganda on our TV is lie’s, I would like the truth. Thank’s Nina

  • From the Iraqis’ side? Very well:
    The Americans are nowhere near Baghdad – the media’s camera shots are all lies, as you have so skillfully perceived.
    They also do not control the airport: they landed a couple of helicopters and were immediately slaughtered by the Republican Guard.
    The rumors that entire Iraqi divisions have been destroyed are also lies – these divisions are routing the American troops, who are pitifully unprepared and are surrendering in tens of thousands to Iraqi forces, who are treating them kindly and humanely, and have not murdered even one of them with a single shot to the head at point-blank range and then televised the dead bodies. The desperate Americans have resorted to kidnapping pregnant women and sending them among Iraqi troops wired to explode.
    The Third Infantry Division is in the south of Iraq, trapped in a quagmire.
    And Bush just executed Rumsfeld with his pistol in a fit of pique, in the Rose Garden.
    (No need to thank me. You’re welcome.)

  • Danjo

    Dearest jeanne;
    Very good!