As if anybody could care

As if anybody could care
: Canada is tripping over itself — yes, a nation can trip over itself — over whether or not to (1) insult us or (2) apologize for insulting us or (3) join our fight or (4) not join our fight or (5) just fight over all that. The Canadian way: 5.

  • A famous Blogger once remarked that a country gets the government it deserves. We Canadians have such and are on the verge of imploding because of it.

  • This is only politicing by a lame duck PM at its worst. Take mote that there’s a provincial election in Quebec in two weeks, and a poll showed Cretien and his cronies that 82% of the frenchies there opposed the war (surprise surprise). Fears of buggering up the chance for a liberal win through John Charest and re-kindling separatist fever (Cretien doesn’t want to go out with that kind of legacy) now has him buckling to the Quebec (French) opinion polls. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the majority opinion in the rest of the Country (which is behind America – see URL above) He’s out of here next February. What does he care about getting re-elected?

  • lanie

    *A famous Blogger once remarked that a country gets the government it deserves.*
    Or it could have been Andrew Loyd Webber in Evita. But it’s a worthy enough line to repeat.

  • Phithpott

    Joseph de Maistre, actually. Nevertheless, Webber is worthy enough to pen the tragic opera of Canada’s demise.

  • Thomas J. Jackson

    Canada’s government has been a loyal echo chamber to France, most of the public has not shown outrage at the antics of Quebec nor the fanatic Left. Canada has choosen to do nothing in the face of evil. Let them live with it. They are irrelevant.

  • Pithpott

    Or would be were it not for our current status as terrorist sleeper heaven. We have some major, unpleasant social issues to resolve, earned from 30 years of politically naive immigration policy. Our crotch itches with the rub of this minority complex yet our present government has neither the balls nor the wit to scratch it.
    Perhaps, as one of “those countries who harbour terrorists”, albeit apathetically, we might qualify for a loan of some much-needed spit.
    In reality, the populace here is well split, with many US supporters feeling shame if not anger at our impotence. In Alberta, we even have a talking majority who wish to see the Province independant, if not a US state outright.
    Problem is it seems, that even in this mighty red-neck oil Province where we got us a few crop-sprayers and some gung-ho gun-fodder, would the US want us when we don’t got a ship nor no navy?