Saddam Dead! (?!?)

Saddam Dead! (?!?)
: Glenn Reynolds throws a challenge out to Saddam (and Osama) to speak up or be presumed dead.

I’ve been thinking that Bush and his generals should just start saying that Saddam’s dead. What’s the harm? If Iraqis start to realize that’s quitely likely true, their weltanschauung will change radically. If it’s not true, then Saddam finally has to show himself. We win either way. So you heard it here first:

Saddam is dead!

Let’s sing it together: Ding, dong, the dictator’s dead. The wicket dic, the dictator’s dead. Ding, dong, the wicked dic is dead….

: Speaking of catchy ditties, Howard Stern has been spinning his new hit: “50 Ways to Kill Saddam.”