If you think this war is hard…

If you think this war is hard…
: Eugene Volokh argues that if he did have a U.N. coalition with the French and Germans, the restrictions on war and winning would in some ways be even harder.

  • Dave Meve

    Yeah. He’s probably right.
    You’d have to get off your fat American arses and fight instead of droppin Daisy bombs from the safety of a Stealth fighter.

  • Stock

    Newsflash: It’s not the 19th century anymore, we don’t line up in bright, flashy uniforms waiting to be shot anymore. If you find something noble in this I suggest you give it try yourself.

  • Dani Lali

    What can we do to stop this ugly WAR, and remove Killer Bush from office!

  • Gino

    Where in France do you live? Because I would like to ask My President to drop one of the Daisy Cutter, that I paid for on your house. I’m hoping that the boycott of your countrys products cripples your ecomony.
    As to Dani’s comments, If you would like to have My President Bush removed from office, then I suggest that you become an AMERICAN Citizen and vote for the Demacrat in 2004.

  • Dark Avenger

    Dani obviously prefers Killer Saddam, as he’s
    a wholesale killer, and therefore more “respectable”.

  • Thomas J. Jackson

    America’s problem is we respect other’s cultures too much. One bomb could have ended this war. Two if one had been dropped on Dani as well.

  • Danjo

    Dearest Gino:
    Are you crazy? What, we should all worship you? Like you are the only answer?
    We all know the proper response is Danjo.
    Just Danjo.
    So get it right next time.