Stop, missile, stop!

Stop, missile, stop!
: Well, it didn’t take long. A “human shield” is feared dead. She was “shielding” a grain silo and, guess what: a middle-aged woman is not an effective shield against a big muddah bomb.

  • Beer Bloke

    Jeffrey!, a food silo compound! What an object of significance for the Coalition.
    Let’s hope they get one of those dangerous goat farms next. All those goats pumping out weapons of mass destruction!
    Must be a great day for US military might. One human shield, and seven Iraqi women and children.
    Party at Jeffrey’s! tonight everyone.

  • Rachel Cohen

    Cuz Iraqui troops exist on air? Cuz the same troops that put women and kids in front of them don’t eat?
    Tough–she knew what was going to happen.

  • Danjo

    I give her the same send off as Rachel C. (the pancake girl). Idiot.
    Yes, beer bloke, obviously the US militarys fault. We in fact made her stand there and deliberatly shot at her. Damn, don’t give away our war plan.
    Please, condemn me for failing to get teary-eyed over this loss of a life. I don’t mourn suicides or Darwin Award winners.

  • Beer Bloke

    Mmmmm, a lot of grumpy people today!

  • Balbulican

    No need to mourn, of course. Enough people to mourn this month. But give her credit. She wasn’t being paid to be there, and she wasn’t under orders to be there. She died for a principle she believed in. You can choose to reserve the notion of courage for the folks whose politics you believe in, of course, and dismiss the rest as fools…but I think that’s a somewhat blinkered view.