What, France worry?

What, France worry?
: France has a terror alert system. Why? Don’t they befriend terrorists? (Oh, come on, take a joke.)

They just upgraded the terror alert system to the American multicolor model: yellow, orange, red, scarlet (of course, they’d use a fancy color, they’re French!).

Merde in France suggests a different palate based on the weather in Paris: light gray, gray, dark gray, and soot black.

Or may I suggest: Yellow, Yellower, Yellowest, and Sacre Blue.

: Update: Dan Hon has lots of French updates.

  • Not Today

    France never won any wars since Napolean and since then has managed to kill any intelligence in it’s society by force… Goes to show all the inbreeding… Fooking sanctimonious bastards who once blew up a beautiful South Pacific Island in the late 80’s to show they have big balls… Me too Me too. Go eat some moldy bagette and pissy merde wine. One day France might be conquered yet again. How quickly they forget…

  • The Algerians will be upset you’ve not heard of their extensive bombing campaign.
    Time Magazine:

    The French have a long and intimate acquaintance with terror, earned in years of attacks by Algerian independence fighters. Although currently plagued by an Islamist terror threat, French authorities have made their country so inhospitable to terrorist networks that many have relocated to Germany.

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