Ew, Canada

Ew, Canada
: Aaron Bailey sums up all the news from the land that never makes news, Canada.

: Add this: Thousands at pro-American demo.

: And this: Chr

  • Balbulican

    The Land That Never Makes News. That’s cute.
    Let’s see…what are those headlines we’re not making…
    “Tomahawks Fall On Saudi Arabia”…”Bush Acknowledges Setbacks, Vows Total Victory”…”Suicide Bomber Kills Four US Soldiers”…”Angry Arab States Condemn Market Massacre”…”First Ten British War Dead Flown Home”…”Britons Fear Wider War”…”News From Iraq Causes Americans to Think Again”…”Iraq Says Suicide Bombings Are Now Policy”…
    Yep, sure is awful not to be making headlines.

  • What I (used to) like about Canadians was their self-deprecating sense of humor. Lighten, man, lighten. It’s just a war.