Bon temps my ass

Bon temps my ass
: Our correspondent in New Orleans reports much fun over Jacques Chirac down in Louisiana:

It is, if you don’t know, the Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial. On Dec. 20, there is to be a climactic ceremony in Jackson Square, in which Presidents Bush & Chirac are supposed to kiss each other’s cheeks and get all gooshy.

The thought of which sickens good ol’ boys everywhere.

So my boy State Rep. Almond Gaston Crowe, of Crowley, is filing legislation to UN-invite the head Frog from attending the event. Not to be outdone, a credible contender for this year’s governor’s race has jumped on the bandwagon. And yesterday, Gov. Mike “Duckblind” Foster opined on radio that he may beat ’em all to the punch and do it by executive order. We like Mike. The first thing that pops up on the gov’s homepage, in fact, is a poll asking Louisianans about dissing Chirac . . . last I looked, 54 percent want him disinvited. I suspect a high percentage of the other 46 percent is from frantic poll-stuffing by the state tourism board and the Bicentennial Commission, which is freaking out that their premiere event of 2003 is going down in flames.

See the original Times-Picayune story on here.

: Update: A French trade delegation canceled a trip to New Orleans next month.