A rose by any other name…

A rose by any other name…
: Oh, gawd, I knew we’d regret ever calling this warblogging after 9.11.

Now we have “peaceblogging.”

I’m just waiting for somebody to then try to rename warblogging, oh, I dunno… libertyblogging or freedomblogging or some such.

As my father says (the second time I’ve quoted him today): Let’s not and say we did.

It’s warblogging as in blogging about war. The term came after 9.11. Then everybody was for war against the people warring with us, right? Remember those days?

  • In case you haven’t noticed, the phrase has been co-opted by the psycho right for several months now.

  • I’m all for war against those warring against us.
    I don’t see how Iraq was warring against us. Osama who? Bush still hasn’t mentioned him by name since July 8, 2002, Jeff. You know, the man responsible for bringing down the WTC? Remember him?

  • Beer Bloke

    I just might have to set up GrogBlog!

  • Jeff, call it “pro-war-blogging” – in most cases it is true.
    What about “libertyblogging” or “freedomblogging” – I`ve seen no posts in blogs about civil rights in the US and its cutting after 9/11. Only some of blogs discuss about DMCA. Or you prefer to fight for “liberation” of another people?

  • Given the longstanding history of contact, support, harbor, and money that al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups have received from Iraq, it’s a logical place to go. Which Bush himself has been saying all along.