The real story II

The real story II
: So Michael Wolff is attacking media coverage of the war (below).

Now Eric Alterman blames the media for the war. In an NY Times interview, he says: “Support for this war is in part a reflection that the media has allowed the Bush administration to get away with misleading the American people.”

Meanwhile, though, the audience — who do matter in this debate — give media very high marks for war coverage. Says USA Today: “A new CNN/USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds media coverage getting good scores so far from the public: 87% say the media are doing a good or excellent job.”

So you could say that media are war mad. You could say they are pandering to the White House and public opinion. Or you could say they are doing a good job.

Depends on your side, pro or anti.

: Ken Layne asks whether that was Wolff at the press briefing in Kuwait. It was him. I can’t wait for his reports.