Fragging or terrorism?

Fragging or terrorism?
: A U.S. Muslim soldier is being questioned in a grenade attack on an officers’ tent in Kuwait.

A grenade attack on US military base in Kuwait, which injured 16 American soldiers, may have been carried out by a Muslim US soldier who was guarding the camp.

A second man, who is not a soldier, is also being held.

Three grenades were rolled into three tents housing military leaders of the 101st Airborne Division Saturday night at Camp Pennsylvania, home of the, near the Iraqi border, said Sky correspondent Stuart Ramsay, who is in the base.

: At least 13 were wounded, six seriously, says an earlier BBC report.

: MSNBC is talking to a retired general who says it’s not terrorism. How the hell can you be so sure? The soldier being held is said to be a Muslim.

: Oliver Willis fears that talk of terrorism will lead to Muslim interment camps.

It’s way too soon to draw conclusions either way. General and Oliver: It’s quite credible that this could be terrorism if the man is Muslim. If this is a politically/religiously motivated attack, that is terrorism.

Other bloggers: It’s also quite credible that the guy could just be nuts or be a criminal.

This is the disadvantage of instant news: instant opinion.

Facts first, please.