: Howard Rheingold (I’m flattered to say) notices vlogging thanks to Glenn Reynolds’ column on the topic and asks how long it can be before we get to vidmoblogging (translation for the mortal: video mob weblogging).

Not long.

I told Glenn last night that if only we disagreed strongly about something (and if I were stupid enough to argue in public with a very smart attorney and professor) we should beat the Bubba & Bob show with our own online video point-counterpoint — that is, vlog/countervlog.

: The technology of sharing broadcast materials is still not as easy as it should be (though that day will come).

Thanks to Glenn’s column, I got interviewed by David Clements, who produces good stories on technology for National Public Radio from BeConnected. He wanted broadcast quality sound bites and I went through some software hell finding (with his and my son’s help) the software needed to record audio on my hard drive and then convert it to MP3.

Somebody needs to create a simple application to let you record and send multimedia snippets in the right formats. And then video- and audio-moblogging will take off.