Gasp mask

gasmaskfamily.jpgGasp mask
: I’ve continued my hunt for gas masks (below) and have found Google’s Froogle to be quite helpful. Yes, you can shop for anything online. But it’s all very confusing: Do you want the Israeli model or the Korean model? Hmmm. Maybe Tom Ridge should tell us.

Or Foogle points us to a handy reference: Beyond Pepper Spray: The Complete Guide to the Chemical Agents, Delivery Systems, and Protective Masks. “This book could not have come at a better time,” says the blurb.

Here’s another problem: Editor and Publisher, the newspaper trade pub, reports that journalists sent to war are finding that their gas masks won’t fit if they wear glasses. So if I get a mask, I may breath, but I’ll be blind.

And Tom Ridge made it all look so easy.