Tom Ridge, Boy Scout

groundzero.gifTom Ridge, Boy Scout
: As if Tom’s appearance on Today (below) wasn’t dumb enough, just go to his new website to see advice that is either so neon obvious it’s insulting or so ludicrous it’s funny or so explicit it’s scary:

: This is my friend Janice’s favorite: If you’re in a moving vehicle, and “there is an explosion or other factor that makes it difficult to control the vehicle, pull over, stop the car and set the parking brake. ” If you can’t control the vehicle, how the hell can you do all that? By the way, if you’re in San Francisco in a moving vehicle in an explosion, make sure to pull over, stop, set the parking brake, turn your wheels to the curb, and ask yourself whether you’re still against war now!

: If there’s a nuclear blast, you should find a fallout shelter. Good luck! They’re all just basements again. And: “Consider keeping potassium iodide in your emergency kit, learn what the appropriate doses are for each of your family members. Plan to speak with your health care provider in advance about what makes sense for your family.” Oh, yeah, my health insurance will cover that conversation.

: Trapped in debris? “If possible, use a whistle to signal rescuers.” Right. I think I have one right here. Next to my plastic sheeting and duct tape.

choke.gif: Plan for your pet: “Pets should not be left behind, but understand that only service animals may be permitted in public shelters. Plan how you will care for your pets in an emergency.” Any suggestions? If you don’t leave them behind and you don’t leave them outside and you can’t take them to a shelter … uh … stuff them? Eat them?

The bottom line: We are not prepared.