Rossi X 2

Rossi X 2
: Read both recent Rossis. The first is a picture of what’s wrong with our world:

the Jewish community center that i use as a gym went from having a bag check at the door to having a security process including metal detector wand that would make airport security look like a picnic

The second is all about the fence where many of us are sitting.

i’m still sitting on the fence

i can only hope that some of the higher ups have a lot more no-how

than i do

but i will tell you this

if our country does decide to go to war against Iraq

they damn well better take his ass out this time

and not leave him to grow and fester like we did last time

i’ll tell you something else too

if we decide to annihilate him

then i won’t hear of anyone

sitting around denouncing our troops

calling anyone “baby killers” like we did in Vietnam

if we go to war

then the time to be anti-war is over

and the time to support your brothers and sisters fighting for their lives

will be on

yes i’m on the fence

but no way am i not gonna stand by our guys and gals if we send them over there