The lazy man’s Trackback: Blawgistan

The lazy man’s Trackback
: Blawgistan Times (an automated aggregation of law blogs) has created an elegantly easy version of Trackback:

LazyBlawg reads your RSS feed. In future incarnations, we’ll also be able to read your website and generate the RSS feed for you, if you don’t have one. We then parse your feed for:

: Postings in the category “Blawgistan” or “Lazyblwg”

: or (if you don’t have categories) postings with “BLAWGISTAN” or “LazyBlawg” in the Title

Thus, one could start a blog aggregation for consumer complaints with the only requirement being (see post below) that “SUCKS” has to be in the title or the topic.

It’s XML without the XML. Purists are puking, of course. But the people set the standards. And this is sure easier than either XML or Trackback.