Naked Canadians, pasty white: Marc

Naked Canadians, pasty white
: Marc Weisblott sends us news of more naked Canadians (following word that Naked News will air on Canadian TV): An almost-naked cooking show:

There’s a new show on the block that promises to entertain as well as…enlighten. Enter the world of cooking with two pairs of chefs, Murray Bancroft & Dena Ashbaugh and Gennaro Iorio & Eva DeViveiros, who will alternate hosting duties each week. Clad only in “strategically placed” aprons, they’ll explore the relationship between sex and food in a playful, sexy, adult way — Food as Aphrodisiacs, Breakfast in Bed for Two (or More), Dinner as Foreplay…it’s all here. Move over Emeril!

Pass me the oysters.

: And through this, I learned that Canada has a SexTV cable channel. Who’dathunkit?