Dear Scumbucket,: Former TV critic

Dear Scumbucket,
: Former TV critic Gary Deep is selling celebrity letters to him on eBay. But it’s a real D-list list — all Chicago radio “personalities,” like Larry Lujack.

I can beat that from my days as a TV Critic at People, TV Guide, and Entertainment Weekly.

I have hate mail from Bill Cosby. He hated it when I said his sitcom went downhill and he regularly sent nya-nya mail.

I have a whining letter from Alan Thicke begging me to lay off him; must have been his therapist’s idea.

I have a letter from Pat Sajak pissed off that I didn’t like what they’d done to Wheel of Fortune.

I have thank-you notes from Rosanne [Barr]; surprised she’s so well-mannered.

And I have a nice letter from David Letterman, thanking me for my support, signed, “Your friend, Dave.”

Sorry, not for sale.

But I will be happy to sell you autographed first editions of Entertainment Weekly. I’ll sell you lots of EW launch swag.

And I’ll sell you that hat (below) worn by a former TV critic who may look down on his luck — bad enough to sell old letter from the star — but isn’t… yet. [via Romenesko]