Wear just the facts, maam:

Wear just the facts, maam
: Lost Remote reports that Naked News — the web show that is just that, naked people reading news — will now get on the air at Toronto’s CityTV, a real innovator (they created the Speaker’s Corner, in which people off the street record snippets — opinions, songs, jokes — and the best get on the air). Note a few trends here, born of the Internet: This is a show created on the Web that will now be on real TV. And this indicates a loosening attitude toward nudity (at least in Canada).

: Update: Cory Doctorow reports that CITYtv visionary — and I do mean visionary– Moses Znaimer may retire.

He launched community station CITY-TV in 1972, creating a blueprint for interactive TV that has spread across Canada and the world. He has been the on-air host of several series and specials, including The Originals on specialty channel Bravo and TVTV: The Television Revolution.

The accompanying ego is as monumental as his legacy. His west-end Toronto backyard was rearranged in the eighties to accommodate metre-high letters spelling out “Moses.”