And the winner izzzzzzz: If

And the winner izzzzzzz
: If I ever run a newspaper, I’ll have a few new rules but one of them will be: No awards. No Pulitzers. No AP awards. No prizes. Nothing. I’ll tell my staff: We create this newspaper for our readers, not for fellow newspaper people with prizes in their hands.

I bring that prejudice to the Bloggies.

The other night, I watched the Golden Globes and, as always, couldn’t believe that fewer than 100 foreigners are voting on awards that are causing all this ruckus.

I bring that prejudice to the Bloggies.

The Oscars are bull. Ditto the Emmys, the Grammies, the Nobel.

I bring that prejudice to the Bloggies.

So I decided not to bother with the Bloggies. I’m not boycotting. I’m not bothering. I didn’t nominate. I won’t vote. I don’t care.

But that’s nothing. You should read Dawn on the awards. She’s on a tear.

Richard Bennett suggests in her comments that she/we should start a real award with real categories (instead of the ludicrious Bloggie categories … Europe/Africa: Huh?)

I’d trust Bennett and Dawn.

But I still have a prejudice about awards.

Unless you’re going to show up on a red carpet wearing skimpy nothing for Joan Rivers and her cameras, what’s the f’ing point?

: And anyway, if bloggers are going to start an award, wouldn’t they automate it to let the entire audience vote with their clicks and links? Which blogs in which categories got the most links last year? They’re the real winners. Proof in the pudding. Cream rises. All that. (And, yes, Glenn Reynolds quickly gets promoted to Hall of Fame so everyone else can play.)