Blog bits: I added some

Blog bits
: I added some new links (under “new” and “deutsch”) to the blog-roll. Right face. Harch.

: Ross Mayfield has lots of great stats from LiveJournal here and here. But in his comments, I caution:

I wouldn’t conclude that “blogging is young” on the basis of LiveJournal stats. LiveJournal is unquestionably powerful and huge but it is an internal phenomenon; it is a community that links within and not much without (with not many links to it from without). Other bloggers — call them “unaffiliated bloggers” — are all about external links, both ways. Yes, it’s all blogging (just to be clear I am NOT trying to draw some snotty distinction about what is “real” blogging). But LiveJournal is something more: It also holds a strong similarity to AOL’s forum communities (or those on my work sites); I would expect AOL’s upcoming (rumored) blogs to be more like LiveJournal’s (and huge). I would say that LiveJournal is more of a community and unaffiliated blogs are more about publishing. All of which is to say: the statistics of one should not be extrapolated to the other.

: Industrial Technology & Witchcraft calls Radio and antville (and Blogger) pret-a-porte blogs. Self-made systems, like der Schockwellenreiter’s (and Dean Allen’s, I assume) are haute couture.

: Jim Treacher is hanging it up. Sounds ominious.

: Ben Hammersley catalogues the definitions of TrackBack and its variants.