Blog heresy: I’m sorry, but

Blog heresy
: I’m sorry, but I just have to ask:

Is Lawrence Lessig overrated?

Well, the truth is, he has to be. Like Mother Theresa, he has been put up on a pedestal at nosebleed altitude. The blog admiration is blushworthy. No one is that brilliant. But Lessig doesn’t blush. He has someone maintain a third-person blog (in addition to his first-personal version) covering of all his personal happenings, like a year-round Christmas letter.

Of course, he’s a smart man and earnest.

But he lost the Eldred case, big time.

He was kept away from the Microsoft case for good reason; Microsoft was perfectly justified objecting to him advising the judge (and we now know what a bozo that judge was).

Now here’s Lessig proposing a ludicrious and unworkable copyright tax that would unfairly burden copyright holders and their heirs and create a gargantuan federal bureacracy and, by the way, offend American First Amendment sensibilities (let’s bring back the stamp tax!).

I’ve admired the guy but I fear that others admire him too much and I’m overdosed on the Lessig-worship. He’s mortal.