Quotes like a butterfly…: The

Quotes like a butterfly…
: The Howard Stern Show invented a new game this morning: We’ll give you a quote and you guess whether it came from the lips of Mike Tyson or George Bush.

Here’s the sad part: It’s a hard game.

The guy who played on the phone this morning, along with everyone in the studio, had trouble figuring out whether it was Bush or Tyson who said, “they’ve misunderestimated me” and other such gems.

East v. West
: Elizabeth Spiers pens the hypothetical San Francisco version of Gawker.

Guess Denton was not planning on franchising the formula to the city by the bay.


A highly designed photo blog here.

25 days and still waiting…
: Where is Chris Locke with his new blog? Somebody knock on his door, please.

: UPDATE: Somebody knocked. He answered. He just emailed me that it was all his computer’s fault (computers are the dogs of the new age; they are either man’s best friend or a kid’s best excuse).

I told him that that he should take the whining as a compliment.

He speaks here.

: I’m putting all these posts in one post because of the ISP problems I’m having (below).