Wanna see my ketchup packet

Wanna see my ketchup packet collection?
: Two wacky collectors not only keep weird things but scan them and put them online: A collection of airline sickness bags (it’s in German; click on a continent on the left; click on “galerie” and enjoy… and see the competitor here) and a collection of purse-sized facial tissue packages.

Oh, what Ebay hath wrought!

The amazing der Schockenwellenreiter finds this (via his wife) here.

More collections:

: Sugar cubes (see the club meeting here and a convention here and their trade association here).

: Orange paper wrappers.

: Gum wrappers (starring an American with the world’s largest gum-wrapper chain with more than 950k of the little suckers).

: Toothpaste tubes (in English), including a gallery of Close-up smiles worldwide.

: It’s not just Germans. Here’s a Brit with 2,500 plastic grocery-story shopping bags.