Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya: So Steve Case announces

: So Steve Case announces he’s stepping down. YEAH!!!!! Out of town on a rail, bozo! Good riddance! Take your ill-gotten millions and fly off into the sunset!

: I was aggressively unimpressed with Case at the Foursquare conference a few weeks ago.

Sure, he built AOL. But let’s be honest: an idiot could have built AOL. Right time. Right place. Right product. Stupid competition (CompuServe? The Source?)

The shame, the pity, the sin, the tragedy is that he brought down Time Warner in the process and they were stupid enough to be taken down.

In the end, AOL is a company that hates its customers (how long have you spent on hold with them?). AOL is a company that hates its shareholders (and we hate you back!!!!!!!). AOL is a company that hates its customers (look at the advertisers who overspent for underperformance). AOL is a company that hates its employees (how many fired this week?).

AOL is the devil.

Out, out, damned Case!

: Others reserve this bile for Microsoft. Microsoft built real value. AOL built just irritation. Bill Gates is not the devil, folks. Case is.

: More teeth-grinding on the topic below.