Plogging: The next revolution: Victor

Plogging: The next revolution
: Victor Lams has the next generation, the next revolution, the inevitable evolution of blogging/moblogging/vlogging: Plogging.

I won’t ruin his punchline. Just watch. Hilarious.

: I was going to put up a new vlog today — on a serious subject — but having just seen vlogging parodied so brilliantly, I think I’ll wait a day so I don’t come off as too sanctimonious, serious, and dull in contrast.

: Yet more here.

: Lams, of course, inspires no end of new permutations. Herewith, the blog alphabet:

A: aologging, long threatened.

B: taken

C: clogging — cat blogging, of course.

D: dogging — being lazy; posting too damned infrequently.

F: flogging — also known as fisking.

G: glogging — drunking Christmas parties by Scandinavian bloggers.

H: hogging — what Glenn Reynolds does to bandwidth.

I: ilogging — “i” as a prefix to any word was outlawed in December, 2001.

J: jogging — old form of exercise.

K: klogging — new form of exercise: rigorous dancing while pontificating until breathless.

L: llogging — vlogging while wearing flannel shirts.

M: taken — moblogging.

N: noggin — kids’ TV channel.

O: oggling — what happens when certain bloggers put up new pictures of themselves.

P: see above

Q: qlogging — blogging by quota; see discussion by Oliver Willis and Richard Bennett.

R: rlogging — I have no frigging idea.

S: slogging — what it feels like to read an entire day of Den Beste posts.

T: toggling — hitting refresh on Instapundit, BoingBoing, and Drudge again and again to see what’s new.

U: ulogging — OK, this was a cute idea when it started but now I’m running out of gas.

V: mine, mine, mine.

W: wogging — see qlogging.

X: soon to be taken by Nick Denton.

Y: because.

Zzzzz: ok, I’m tired of this idea now.

: Michelle also invents new forms of blogging and in her comments, we learn of nblogging — naked blogging. Unfortunately, this came from somebody named Bill.

: Update: Do not walk. Put on your shoes and run to the latest development: The Clog.