A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life of the World
: I’m having fun watching the French Mobblog this morning just as I had fun watching Joi Ito‘s New Year’s Eve mobblog.

It’s time to ramp this up to something bigger: A web-wide project.

How about:

A Day in the Life of the World?

It’s like the book projects — except it’s live; you can watch it as it happens; it’s spontaneous; it’s of-the-people and by-the-people; it’s interactive; it’s the Web.

Both these mobblogs have the technology in hand to accept photos and messages. This morning’s mobblog also has a test of video posting. And, you know me, I’ll push video, too.

Many of the photos on today’s mobblog are fuzzy; lots are pictures of beer. But in a huge, world-wide mobblog, there would be the chance to pick the best of the best and that would motivate people to take better photos and capture more life: people, opinions, sounds, smells (yes, smells: I look at a picture of the Metro and I can smell the rubber wheels).

Just pick a momentous day — a holiday… the start of war… next Sept. 11… — and get as many of us to post to it as possible, capturing life, live, on the street, on that day.