Exposure: Note this trend in


: Note this trend in society: Howard Stern carries a camera wherever he goes (this came out in Howard’s confession that he carries a man purse with the essential items he has to have with him all day — and a camera is one such item). I don’t know what he shoots, but it would make a great book (or website): Howard’s view of the world… one of the world’s most photographed stars photographs…

At the same time, Ashton Kutcher, hearththrob star of That ’70s Show, said he doesn’t carry a man purse — and is appalled and disappointed that Howard does — but he, too, carries a camera as an essential.

Add to this all the phones that carry cameras and the many photoblogs (some of them great).

It’s a trend, damnit: every moment of life, captured, digitized, broadcast.

Well, I just succumbed. I just bought the Minolta Dimage X (buy it here through Gizmodo) so I can carry it around all the time and take meaningless pictures, just like everyone else online (wow, a funny streetsign!) but also so I can add photos to this weblog (I’ve learned as every publisher does in every medium that just plain text is dull) and so I can shoot images (without rights problems) for vlogs (thus the syncopation in getting to the next one).

Say cheese, world.