I’m Don… (Hi, Don!) And

I’m Don… (Hi, Don!) And I’m a… blogger
: Don McArthur gives us a wonderfully entertaining bit of video blogging on blogging. The poor man’s addicted, but I won’t say anything more than that; don’t want ruin his punchline. Well, not that it would matter a lot at this minute because you can’t see his video now. Oh, you can try, but downloading it will be about as easy as getting a lapdance in Utah. Glenn Reynolds just sent the world to McArthur’s server to see his “vlog noir” and he has just one small box under his desk serving up the video and it’s dying a thousand deaths. It took me about an hour to get it buffered. But it was worth the wait. And note, you vlog skeptics, that this, too, would work only in video. I sent Don email suggesting he try using the Screenblast service I use to host my vlogs until I can find them a good home. If he finds another host, go quickly. If not, be patient. When his server comes up for air, you can watch the Real version here or the Windows version here.