Reality bytes: Le Sofa Blogger,

Reality bytes
: Le Sofa Blogger, another of my recent German discoveries, points me to a simply great site on this side of the pop cultural ocean that pulls together everything happening in reality TV:

The casting news is captivating. The site reports:

: MTV is looking for the next sorority and fraternity to be featured in ‘Sorority Life’ and the upcoming ‘Fraternity Life.’…

: Have you ever dreamed of living a completely different life? Imagine swapping lives with a total stranger for 2 weeks…. Could you for 2 weeks play the role of wife and mother to an entirely new family? Suppose your wife left, and another woman stepped in to take her place?…

: Ever dream of going to France? Or Venezuela? How about Japan? Well dream no more because NBC wants to make your dream a reality. AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DATES is the new NBC reality dating show that will set the standard that all other shows will strive to measure up to….

: The creators of American Idol, this year’s most talked about show, are staging a sensational competition to search for the ultimate All American Girl….

: Do you or someone you know have amazing toy$? Well, we’re looking to feature owners of amazing mega-yachts, private planes…

: … nationwide casting call for an upcoming reality TV series, called Rodeo Road, for MTV Networks….

: Are You Hot? The Search for America’s Sexiest People, a reality series that is sure to have the entire country talking