‘The inexorable march of vlogging…’:

‘The inexorable march of vlogging…’
: Justin Katz, who last vlogged to say he was skeptical about vlogging, just vlogged again and he’s proving the form works with a wonderful bit of minimedia about independent music. The piece works so well precisely because it is multimedia: you hear the music he’s talking about; you see the album covers; you see his boogying appreciation of one artist turn to facial disdain (you have to watch to find out why). It works, damnit, it works.

Now we just have to wait for Glenn Reynolds to install his vlogging software. And now that Lileks is back, I hope he digs into his mailbag chocked full of electrons and finds lots of calls from people screaming I Want My Lileks TV!

Meanwhile, in case you’re just back, I’ll plug my latest vlogs (one fast food and media cliches) here (or scroll down).