VLog fight: In the world

VLog fight
: In the world of blogs, you know you’re onto something when you start reading a lot of posts arguing why you’re not onto something.

I vlog and Justin Katz (below) vlogs about how vlogs won’t work. Now Alex Knapp says vlogging won’t work because video takes longer and because it’s harder, thus evil Big Media will control it.

Quite the contrary, sir: Vlogging brings the power of video into the hands of the people. Just as Quark and blogging let anyone publish so does vlogging let anyone produce video. You’re not listening to me: This new software makes it EASY. I’m not exaggerating when I said that my 6-year-old did it.

: But here’s the real point. Read the comments in Knapp’s post and you see a groundswell demanding Lileks on video. Now that’s an idea whose time has come: Lileks TV. Repeat after me: I want my LTV! I want my LTV!

: I’m still playing with the right voice, content, and look for this idea. Of course, vlogs should not replace blogs; they are clumsier and slower. But for the right content and the right voice, vlogs will be perfect. Lileks will be perfect because he has a strong voice and he has a great graphic sense of humor and I’ll be his inflection and emotion will only make his bleats even more entertaining, for example.