Sports is just sweat: Glenn

Sports is just sweat
: Glenn Reynolds suggests that the World Trade Center site should be given over to a baseball stadium.

Ah, drugs, betting, and greed.

Now there is a real symbol of American corruption.

: Continuing our sports report, Tony Blair is ready to give up Britain’s bid for the 2012 Olympics.

He has that right.

New York is already getting gaga over the prospect of having the Olympics.

I’m not.

They are wildly expensive.

They bring security risks to a city that does not need them.

They will overcrowd an already overcrowded town.

The games are forever tainted by drugs, gambling, greed, and politics; they are not the symbol that they once were (or that we thought they were).

Go, Tony!

: Meanwhile in Texas, they want to just go full circle and turn the Astrodome into a casino.