Racist Southern politicians, the sequel:

Racist Southern politicians, the sequel
: Josh Marshall now branches out from his Trent Lott specialty of the last few days to find another racist Southern (or might-as-well-be-Southern) politician who talks to a racist publication, just as Lott did. It’s a quiz: Guess the politician.

Answer: John Ashcroft.

(I cheated. I put the quote into Google and came up with the answer. But I wasn’t surprised.)

: Speaking of Lott… Everyone has been speaking of him too much lately. Marshall has done a great job on the topic. So have Sullivan and Kaus and a few others.

But then everyone piled on with what they each thought of Lott, as if they all had to be on the record.

But it was an overdose. It reduced the topic to the interest-level of My CD Collection.

I preferred to stand back and watch the Lott pros in action.