Santa Pundit: The Blogger’s Christmas

Santa Pundit: The Blogger’s Christmas Shopping Catalogue
: As a public service to generous (and greedy) bloggers everywhere, here is the catalogue of blog booty. (There’s so much good merchandise, you need to click on the “more” link to get it all):

– The Tony Pierce Busblog book: freeze-dried blog brilliance now appearing on paper.

– A signed Tom Tomorrow cartoon.

– Anything from Gizmodo (and the Gizmodo Gift Guide).

– A Hiptop.

WeBlog from Meg et al.

– Ken Layne’s Dot.con, imported from Australia.

– Very nice NYC Blogger shirts (I’ll be buying myself one).

– Buy your favorite blogger a BlogAd.

BoingBoing Good Germ t-shirts and more.

Blogger bags, mouspads, mugs.

– A donation to Movable Type.

Little Green Footballs T-shirts, still a work-in-progress.

– James Lileks’ The Gallery of Regrettable Food.

– Any CD from New York bloggers’ favorite band: Gogol Bordello.

– Glenn Reynolds’ latest: The Appearance of Impropriety, a book; or Mobius Dick, his band’s album; or the Nebraska Guitar Militia, a local NRA, I think.

– Rebecca Blood’s Weblog Handbook.

– From the blogger’s favorite network: FoxNews calendars and even a flannel nightshirt.

– From the print version of FoxNews: New York Post personalized headline product.

– From the blogger’s favorite resource: Google pens, hats, shirts — go search for it here.

– Frighteningly cute blog-bear graphics.

– Kathy “RelapsedCatholic” Shaidle’s latest tome.

– Any of Christopher “RageBoy” Locke’s many books.

– Dave Weinberger’s Small Pieces Loosely Joined.

– Andrew Sullivan’s Love.

– Mickey Kaus’ book (slightly used).

– Bill “DailyPundit” Quick’s many e-books.

– A PDF by Clay Shirky.

Emergence by Steven Johnson.

– Peter Maass’ Love Thy Neighbor.

– Lawrence Lessig’s The Future of Ideas.

– Douglas Rushkoff‘s many books.

– Virginia Postrel’s The Future and its Enemies.

– Mark Steyn’s The Face of The Tiger.

ThinkGeek stuff and more stuff.

– Tickets to Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine.

– Howard Rheingold’s SmartMobs.

Photodude suggests these fine figures.

– A subscription to Shift.

– A subscription to the New York Sun.

– Full of the Christmas spirit as I am, I’ll even plug Salon premium.

– Or I’ll sell you an autographed first edition of Entertainment Weekly.

Ho, Ho, Ho.

: If I forget anything, let me know.

: Add this:

– “Friends don’t let friends blog drunk” — a full line of fashion from Paul Frankenstein.

: Hear that? It’s Ken Layne singing the blogging Christmas carol.