Thanks but no thanks: Andrew

Thanks but no thanks
: Andrew Sullivan reprints his essentially condescending thanks to America.

Condescending, irritating, grating, shallow, syncophantic. Glad you like the place — and please make yourself at home — but…

  • DCE

    Condescending? Did we read the same article? Mind you, it was pointed more towards the readers in the UK and not here in the good ole U.S. of A. He did, after all, have to pander to the sensitivities of the Euro-weenies reading his article.
    All in all, I liked it, even if I didn’t agree with everything he wrote.

  • ahj

    Andrew Sullivan is no longer relevant. He has been bleating the same old bleat for too many years for anyone to give a damn any more.
    One real reason for Americans to give thanks and for the rest of us exapatriates to sing right along is that the U.S., despite what anyone has read or said, is the least judgmental country in the world.
    I have lived in Australia, which is generally fine but where you are also a “new” Australian if you had the bad taste to be born someplace else. I have lived in Europe, where if you are unlucky enough to be from a non-fashionable country, you don’t quite make the cut. And I am living in the U.S., where folks are quite outspoken but the wretched conditions of your birth don’t actually figure into anything. Guess which I prefer?

  • I don’t see it as condescending. I agree with DCE.

  • Lee

    Odd that you allege such a damning case against Sullivan’s post yet provide no substantiating arguments in support of it. I would have expected better. (And if you’re planning on using a big word like “sycophantic” you might want to learn how to spell it correctly.)

  • It didn’t seem very condescending to me either, but it’s possible I’ve read so many condescending articles that it would have to be pretty extreme before I would notice.

  • I couldn’t read further after I saw this, “America is still a country where the past is anathema” and shuddered.
    Last I checked that noun requires an indefinite article.