Amen, Sir: Salman Rushdie is

Amen, Sir
: Salman Rushdie is the sole voice of reason in the Islamic world.


Well if I can’t hear any others above the din of hate, that’s the only census I can make.

Rushdie has another spectacular opinion piece in the NY Times begging for other voices of Islamic reason:

Where, after all, is the Muslim outrage at these events? As their ancient, deeply civilized culture of love, art and philosophical reflection is hijacked by paranoiacs, racists, liars, male supremacists, tyrants, fanatics and violence junkies, why are they not screaming?

At least in Iran the students are demonstrating. But where else in the Muslim world can one hear the voices of the fair-minded, tolerant Muslim majority deploring what Nigerian, Egyptian, Arab and Dutch Muslims are doing? Muslims in the West, too, seem unnaturally silent on these topics. If you’re yelling, we can’t hear you.

If the moderate voices of Islam cannot or will not insist on the modernization of their culture