Reborn: Mickey Kaus, speaking now,

: Mickey Kaus, speaking now, says he used to be a journalist. Now he’s a blogger.

Now he doesn’t worry about deadlines, length, or “arbitrary editors with ideas of their own…. I probably couldn’t write a lead paragraph anymore if I wanted to.”

: He says that bloggers as a new press will cause complications with the old ways — e.g., how can officials run the Congressional press gallery when there are 500k people with computers and blogs who can legitimately call themselves reporters? Is there a new definition of the privilege of the press? And weblogs, with their technology and speed, give a new standard of correction (echoing something Glenn said).

: He says that among bloggers there is a “Darwinian self-interest in being nice to each other and maintaining a civil discourse.” He may disagree with Andrew Sullivan but he doesn’t really want to piss him off; it’s about links; it’s about traffic; it’s about — gasp — community.