Overblog: There’s a noisy chorus

: There’s a noisy chorus of keyboard clatter as Glenn Reynolds speaks.

: Glenn says that weblogs solve the “problem” posed by Republic.com, the book: that the Internet creates conversation only among people who agree with each other.

Weblogs point joyously to those with whom they disagree.

He suggests a need for a study to see whether webloggers link more often to those with whom they agree or disagree.

: He says weblogs will succeed because they are cheap: “It’s cheap. You don’t have to make money to do it. I think there’s a place for a medium for people who don’t have to make money.”

: I feel rude trying to type and listen at the same time. I will listen for now.

: Reynolds’ definition of the Internet: “It’s a big playground for guys like me. And there are a lot of guys like me.”

: The Q&A is what you’d expect from bloggers: not Q&A but A&A&Q&A&Q: dialogue among bloggers.

: Mickey Kaus says the media outlets that should be put out of business are those that don’t really report: Time and Newsweek. (But he says they won’t because they get access to the powerful.)

: Glenn says that weblogs and their audiences are good at corrections. “If something has been on a weblog for a long time and has not been corrected it probably is true.”

: A good story for a real journalist: Reynolds says that games are going to have more impact on political life than weblogs. Games like civilization make assumptions (e.g., appeasement doesn’t work) that become rules of life for their players.