Politically correct war: The is-so-is-not-is-so-is-not

Politically correct war
: The is-so-is-not-is-so-is-not yammering about webloggers being mean to Muslims just won’t end. It’s spreading like an oil spill.

Here’s the problem:

In the name of Islam, we were attacked. Our people were murdered on September 11. I was attacked that day. In the name of Islam, Israelis are attacked every week. In the name of Islam, a madman shut down our capital. In the name of Islam, a theater filled with innocents was terrorized and a hundred died in Moscow. In the name of Islam, hundred of innocents were murdered in a bombing in Bali. In the name of Islam, Hindus have been attacked in India.

Of course, not all Muslims took part in or supported those terrorist actions.

But where is their condemnation of them?

We should be deafened with the voices of religious and political Islamic leaders distancing themselves from these acts, condemning them, vowing to clean them up, for the sake of Islam.

Where are the fatwas calling these devils the devils they are?

I have not heard them.

As far as I am concerned, those who do not condemn these attacks condone them. Those who do not use their influence to stop them encourage them. As the bumpersticker says, folks: If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Muslims of various stripes have declared war on us because they are Muslims and we are not.

And yet when we look back at them, when Charles Johnson dares to go to public sites on this web of ours and quote their own words and actions against them, he and we are accused of being politically incorrect.

Well, there is no way to wage politically correct war. War is not polite. War is rude. Our enemies are our enemies; those who support our enemies are our enemies; and I will call them our enemies unless they prove to be our friends.

We — and others around the world — are under attack in what der Spiegel (below) should have called the Islamic World War. There’s nothing correct, politically, about that.