Terrorist World War: Der Spiegel’s

spiegel.jpgTerrorist World War
: Der Spiegel’s cover story this week declares a “Terrorist World War“.

: More on Andrew Sullivan’s point below: If all Muslim-inspired terrorism could be traced to bin Laden, then the challenge would be easier: just kill that weed at the roots. But that’s not the case. Witness the sniper. Witness last week’s latest explosion in Israel. And, of course, witness other terrorist groups responsible for Bali. Witness the horrible crime in Moscow last night. The garden is filled with weeds.

: A column by Peter Beaumont in the Observer says that we are suffering a new kind of terrorism:

If a single theme does link Chechnya to Afghanistan to Indonesia, it is not a sinister, single world conspiracy but rather the intoxicating allure in some sections of the Islamic world of the power of terrorism itself….

Terrorism is, above all, a means of communication. It delivers a message not only to the victim, but also to those sympathetic to the attacker. In the 13 months since 11 September, that message has been taken up by those who were literally thrilled by bin Laden’s gruesome coup de th