Shopping as a good deed:

Shopping as a good deed
: So I was talking with Nick Denton about the Amazon links on his creation, Gizmodo. I told him that when I want to buy from Amazon, I thought I should go to Gizmodo and click on one of its many Amazon links to specific products and then search for what I want to buy and when I buy it, Gizmodo would get a cut. But that’s way too complicated. So I haven’t done it.

I was about to ask whether he could create a simple button or link on Gizmodo that I could click on that would take me to the home page of Amazon and let me shop away while still giving him a cut. But before I could ask, he said, “brilliant!” — it’s the kind of thing Brits say — and he was suggesting precisely what I was going to ask for.

And we agreed that this is even better than — or at least more dignified than — tip jars or other forms of begging.

I’m telling you all this because (a) it’s a good idea and (b) Nick now has the link up on Gizmodo.


The next time you’re itching to shop, first just go to Gizmodo and click on Support Gizmodo – Buy From Amazon and when you do, Gizmodo will get a cut.

You can also add this link to your site and Gizmodo will benefit.

It costs you nothing and you support a good site.

Ain’t capitalism grand?