Nuclear snipers: I was, in

Nuclear snipers
: I was, in fact, just sitting down to read the cover story in this month’s Wired — “Stopping Loose Nukes” — by Steven Johnson when (call it fate) I get email from Steven. Now if anybody in the world should have a blog, it’s him. But he doesn’t. So think of this as blogging in proxy. It’s a fascinating story, taking us through the technology and other means needed to find and stop illicit nukes from coming into, say, Washington, D.C. It’s all the more fascinating and all the more frightening today (fate again) as we watch authorities of every stripe desperately trying to stop one (or two) guy(s) with a gun from terrorizing and all but shutting down the nation’s capital. Imagine if the warhead hunted down were not just a bullet but a nuke. In some ways, this would be easier… if the technology is in place to sniff out radioactivity.

An “atomic wall” may seem far-fetched, but experts believe a detection perimeter could stop radiological and nuclear weapons